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Science, history, weirdness and 0% contemporary politics because oh my god sometimes you need a break.

Always free, always interesting.

I started The Whippet because doomscrolling is killing us, but switching off the internet isn’t the answer.

The news is full of genuinely exciting and magical information! Planets where it rains diamonds, gold-eating mushrooms, wolverine frogs that push their sharpened fingerbones out through their own skin (I said magical, not pleasant).

I don’t want to miss that stuff! I want that ping feeling in my brain when I learn something new and fascinating, I just don't want my brain to feel like a wrung-out dischloth from too much internet all the time.

Hence The Whippet.

“High quality esoterica, quirky inner musings, one of the best advice columns on the internet, and she always digs up interesting content I can’t find anywhere else.”   — Angus Hervey, Future Crunch


Praise for The Whippet

“The Whippet is beautifully written and gloriously diverse.”

"Pure gold. Thank you for putting out a thing of such delightful originality.”

“I really enjoy getting to read stories that are fascinating and unusual and not about the contemporary issues I catch up with in the news every day, so thank you!”

“I love your newsletter so much! A world of interesting things to learn, in a too-busy and sometimes worrying time.”

“You make my morning, every time.”

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Hi! My name’s McKinley

I’m a writer & editor based in Melbourne, Australia. 

The Whippet is not really about me, but in case you’re interested, here’s some things I like:

  • Fantasy & scifi books

  • Board games that take like 10 hours

  • Bad coffee

  • Hungarian food

  • Index cards

  • Movies with a lot of tense hiding and escapes

My writing/editing/coaching etc. work is over at

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